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LA Landlord Reduces Rent For Tenants During Holiday Season

Originally posted on CBS Los Angeles:
LOS ANGELES ( — A landlord of a Los Angeles apartment complex is spreading holiday cheer. A Reddit user, mikeoley, posted a photo Friday of a letter sent by his landlord telling tenants to deduct $70 from their regular rent payment for the month of December.  “Perhaps use those monies…

Gas Safety in rental property – What your agent does for you Part 6

Originally posted on Riley Marshall:
Landlords: If you have gas appliances in your rental property they must be checked every year, and an annual Gas Safety Certificate issued by a Gas Safe engineer. We explore why you should use a letting/management agent? source How does your letting agent help? Any gas installation and appliances in…

Tenants are treating their rented properties more like their own homes… according to

Originally posted on lettingagentsstalbans:
26th November 2012 Renters turn rental properties into long-term homes As buying continues to be out of reach for many people across the UK, landlords and management companies are now receiving DIY and home improvement requests from tenants who want to turn rental properties into long-term homes. Nearly a quarter (22 per…

Moving Out

Housing Court: Who is Representing Tenants?

Originally posted on The Surreal Estate:
Housing court — the epitome of inequality. Two weeks ago, the New York Times published an article detailing the imbalance of power within housing court. According to the article, millions of Americans face eviction each year.  Of those cases, 90 percent of landlords have legal representation while 90 percent…

3 things your single-family investment property needs to attract quality tenants

Originally posted on KW Property Pro:
We’ve all heard the “expert” share their stories around the water cooler about how his or her uncle, cousin, friend of a friends tenant trashed their property, refused to pay rent and had to go through the costly eviction process (especially here in Ontario). So, how can we eliminate…

Be kind

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I’ve saved 3 tenants from suicide in the last 2 years for simply taking the time. Kindness goes a long way