Talk to your neighbors

First of all, talk to your neighbors. You might find other tenants with the same problems. Together you can find better solutions. To find your neighbors, click on this link. It takes you to the tenants forum, a virtual bulletin board.

If your building is not listed, just let us know at info@tenantshelptenants.com . Then, talk to your neighbors, put an ad on your building’s bulletin board and invite other tenants to join your building’s dedicated forum.

Rate My Landlord

It’s very easy to give feedback to your landlords, to let them know what you think about their services, even if they keep ignoring you. Share it with others. You will help others stay away from low quality residences. The property managers will see the declining demand. They will be forced to improve it. If you don’t say anything, they will not care.

It’s very easy

Find your residence in one of the following websites. Read what others have said. Write what you think. Publish it in a matter of seconds. Everyone will have access to your feedback including your property manager, your fellow tenants and the prospective tenants. Help yourself and your neighbors.

For more information, see TenantsHelpTenants.


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